Dedicated Professional Team, High Quality Workmanship

Our dedicated professional team take pride in providing high quality workmanship and materials.

Landscape design and construction

Australia’s gardens now reflect cultural influences and have evolved into outdoor living rooms, and range from chic courtyards to a tropical oasis. We encourage you to share your vision and thoughts with us. We will work from your plans or if you like we can organise for plans to be created by experienced designers. Call us for small jobs such as planting or installing a new lawn to complete new landscapes.

Water features and irrigation systems

Water features - a water feature may be of many different types consisting of water trickles or splashes from a wall plaque or fountain to a deep reflective pool and can be introduced into all styles of gardens.

Irrigation systems - ensure that your garden and turf areas remain healthy and beautiful through dry/drought conditions. We are able to install a new irrigation system or extend an existing system to meet your needs and program and check the performance of your irrigation system and make any necessary repairs.

Paving and retaining walls

Paving - can be a better solution than grass for the outdoor eating area or entertainment areas and should have a connection to what is happening inside. Paving is also an ideal solution for use in areas of high pedestrian or vehicle traffic. There are a number of solutions in hard surfacing and they can be mixed up to break the monotony and create interesting flooring textures.A garden with plenty of paving equals low maintenance and low stress.

Retaining walls - the modern sloping garden requires terracing and retaining walls as gardens tend to follow gravity after heavy rain or when soil dries out and slippage can be a serious issue. Retaining walls across a garden can also provide planting pockets or walls for sitting on or to create an area for a specific purpose or just add interest to a landscape. Walling materials may vary in type from timber, natural stone either random or coursed, brick or concrete in various forms and alternative landscapes is able to install all of these different types of walling to suit your needs.

Plant selection and turfing

Plants - should be chosen carefully with regard to the specific features we wish to introduce. Grow sustainable plants suitable for the conditions. Plantings may consist of annuals, perennials or shrubs & trees. Our expertise includes experience in planting seasonal flower displays for Council parks and gardens.

Grass - it is lovely to feel grass between your toes. Grass softens a garden however the ultimate look you require will depend upon its size and situation, and this will also affect the choice of lawn. Whether you need to renovate an existing lawn or install a new lawn we have the expertise to complete your project.

Decking and pergolas

Decking - works well if a site slopes or is uneven as it can be constructed to provide a smooth transition between levels.

Pergolas - The new pergola not only offers structural support for climbing plants and shade during the hot summer months, it also frames the garden beautifully by drawing the eye to distinctive features.

Garden lighting

Exterior lighting performs several functions, depending upon the positioning in the garden. Garden lighting can be practical to enable us to make use of our gardens after dark or for special effects. New simple low-voltage and LED lighting allow the opportunity to create beautiful, inexpensive and fun effects with light in the garden to accent certain features or light up plants creating a calm and yin atmosphere. Alternative Landscapes can offer a range of low-voltage & LED lighting.

Decorative mulches and gravel surfaces

A soft surface made of loose gravel, pebbles or bark chippings give exciting textural interest and can be fashioned into any design. These surfaces help keep weeds in check and are suitable for areas which require minimal maintenance